More SET IMAGES Leak From RIDLEY SCOTT'S 'PROMETHEUS' That Contain Huge Spoilers!

A new bunch of images have leaked online from the sets of Ridley Scott's Prometheus on location in Iceland. On one hand they seem merely to be a bunch of props laying around waiting for set-up but on the other hand they possibly contain major spoilers which ask more questions than give any answers. The images originate from the twitter account of @Vlammetje1203 who seemingly had no clue initially what they were uploading photos of.

Update: At the request of the studios we have removed images.

Essentially what we are looking at appears to be the remnants of a disaster. We have part of the exterior of the Space Jockey's Derelict ship from 1979 Alien & what appears to be either part of a spaceships landing skid of Human construction or a Mech tread? Scott stated recently that the shoot in Iceland was the beginning of time, so what are we supposed to deduce? Time travel we know is part of Prometheus. The impression I am left with is that a crew is stranded after a crash of some-kind. The inclusion of mortar pots implies explosions on a grande scale. The tracks are reminiscent of earlier drafts of supposed leaked scripts. What story begins with the survival of two crew members?

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