Lionsgate Release the Official Poster for GARY ROSS'S 'THE HUNGER GAMES'

Yesterday Lionsgate released a sleek motion Poster for their upcoming big screen adaption of The Hunger Games now we have the official sheet released via the movies official facebook page. Gary Ross directs a cast that includes Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old living in the post apocalyptic country of 'Panem' [formally U.S.] Each year one boy and one girl are chosen from each of the country’s 12 districts to compete in a fight to the death in gladiator-like spectacles, the "Hunger Games". Katniss is from one of the poorest districts, but she is skilled in archery and hunting, which makes her a fierce competitor. Katniss wears a mockingjay pin i.e the poster, which is a sign of rebellion against Panem’s oppressive government. The movie hits theaters March 23rd 2012.

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