"I Have Neither Written Nor Read ALIEN HARVEST" Screenwriter Jon Spaihts Finally Gives his 2 Cents!

Finally the debate is over, for 16 months plus a script has been floating around the internet dressed up claiming itself as the original "Alien Prequel" draft by screenwriter Jon Spaihts but today via twitter the screenwriter has denied his authorship. In January 2010 the 122-page Alien Harvest PDF file was uploaded to Scribd, a popular file sharing website & credited to Spaihts. The script was widely discussed across forums like Imdb & AvpGalaxy, then to add more confusion the original PDF file was removed from Scribd and in its place a screenshot of a cease-and-desist email allegedly forwarded from a legal firm representing Fox. At one point the fake even went viral, finding its way across the internet news sites causing all sorts of infamy with tales of homosexual encounters & Cat like Aliens. Doubt was always cast over the legitimacy of the draft, and earlier this week Damon Lindelof who had been drafted in to polish the "real" Alien Prequel draft denied in a manner of words that he had ever heard of this Alien Harvest script. Well now the journey is over. Hit the jump for the details.

Kudos to @Kuato_Lives [via imdb "the real Prometheus forum"] for the reveal. So who did pen Alien Harvest? Well the script is still openly available online & is certainly one of the more impressive fakes that have been out there for the last few years. Certainly a lot of effort went into it & in all likelihood it was a rejected draft of an aspiring screenwriter or at the least somebody who wanted their work to get an audience. It wasn't me.

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