GAME NEWS: Treyarch Fix Online 'HARDCORE' Game Modes with New 'CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS' Update!

Treyarch have to some extent realized the P.R  disaster that was Update #10 [included:6/23/11] for their hugely popular title Call of Duty: Black Ops, the seventh main installment of the "Call of Duty" series. The Studios isolated a huge section of the Gaming community by deciding to drastically amputate the most popular online game modes and nix content that was popular [Famas Assault Rifle] ergo forcing Gamers to "try other stuff", quite a suspect move for a company that supposedly appreciates their customers and charge over $100 a head for the full Black Ops experince including all downloadable content. The biggest complaint from the fan community was the removal of Hardcore game modes like 'Capture The Flag' & 'HeadQuarters' which were replaced by random generated Game modes termed "Flags" & "Bombs" with drastically reduced Game time. Its a big step backwards for the Studios who for so long looked like they would continue to stay in the shadow of the more Industrious Call of Duty Developer Infinity Ward. But today it seems Treyarch have made some adjustments with their new update #11 [included:7/12/11] for Black Ops. The Studios did not respond to the outcry from the fan community over update #10 but included in #11 is 'Capture The Flag's' game time returning to up to 9 minutes long. Is this sign for hope? Why is Nuketown hardly appearing in gamemodes anymore? Is the Studios going to return original Hardcore Game modes? These questions remain. 

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