'BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Teaser Trailer Description!

The teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises is practically here, at the moment reports are emerging from the UK that the teaser trailer is already playing with Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and we have been forwarded a description from a pretty reliable source. If you want to find out the details hit the jump.

The opening of the trailer returns us to Batman Begins as Ra's Al Ghul [Liam Neeson] is mentoring Bruce Wayne on the power of an idea and becoming a Legend. [Neeson was recently said to be involved in the production in a minor capacity]

The trailer is centered around a scene in which Commosioner Gordon [Gary Oldman] is laying wounded with a breathing aid device in Gotham Hospital. Footage from Batman Begins & The Dark Knight is featured in the soliloquy, then Bruce Wayne [Christian Bale] appears and we are given the impression that Batman is no more. Gordon states that Batman has somewhat abandoned him and Gotham and once they were a team. Images are introduced of Gordon breaking the Bat Signal and General disorder taking over Gotham. In fact we are shown crumbling buildings which match the poster revealed earlier today. The trailer ends with an almost broken Batman preparing to battle Bane [Tom Hardy].

Whats disappointing is that if this is legit there is no preview of Catwoman [Anne Hathaway] or other Villains but then again thats what you expect in such an early teaser.

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