BATMAN & BANE Fight Each Other Among A Mass Brawl On 'THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Set!

A steady stream of imagery & video has been making its way out of the Pittsburgh sets of Christopher Nolans' Dark Knight Rises all day & now we have some more. A Massive brawl took place where Batman & Bane enter & punch it out! Hit the jump for the details. 
Update: Images of the New Batpod.
Warning* images contain Spoilers.

This one is funny, its so "Keystone Kops!"

One eyewitness report comes via CMB.

Subaruwrxfan: "Batman and Bane just showed up! Right in the middle of the crowd of cops. Got a few from a block away, same deal as the bane ones I posted yesterday. Bane looks the same and the batsuit looks the same, but I obviously can't see many details. Yeah my buddy is here filming too. Bane and Batman seem pretty evenly matched, although bane did get in one big punch. Oh and just got confirmation again of Anne Hathaway in a prison suit. They had her tucked away that even the pro photographers couldn't get a shot of her."
Images & video come via Subaruwrxfan, DoctaM3 & Gettyimages. Visit Getty for a ton of high quality images such as the new Batpod below and the post title image at the top!

Update: The more images and video come out the more this sequence matches up with D.C Comic's Knightfall. [Created in 1993 by the team of Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench & Graham Nolan] Bane organizes a prison break, his plan consists of weakening Batman by forcing him to deal with a multitude of criminals/ villains simultaneously. He then takes on a weakened Batman, breaks him and declares [via speech?] he is the new king of the underworld. This is not the first reference Nolan has made to one of the major D.C storylines as Frank Miller's Year One played heavily in The Dark Knight & earlier Batman: Prey was linked to the development of The Dark Knight Rises.

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