"X-MEN: FIRST CLASS" Takes $120 Million in Opening Weekend, Sequels No Brainer!

Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class did not open in the US as well as some were hoping, but the movie has reached a very impressive worldwide box office opening weekend total of $120 million which as James McAvoy recently stated would make the possibility of a Sequel rather likely. THR report that the official numbers won't actually be available until early next week, but it's currently believed that X-Men: First Class brought in roughly $56 million at the US box office and $64 million elsewhere from 74 territories. Senior vice President of Fox's domestic distribution Chris Aronson stated: "The movie really excelled in successfully launching a brand new chapter in the X-Men franchise, or new beginning if you will,"  So with a budget of approx. $160 million its looking good for a sequel to a very good movie.

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