British actor Sir Michael Caine recently participated in a video press conference for Pixar’s Cars 2 where Collider stepped up with balls and quizzed him about The Dark Knight Rises which is currently filming in London. Now Caine is used to this kind of intrusive BS so the actor deflected all kinds of probing questions and simply went on to praise director Christopher Nolan and gave no spoilers away despite every site in the world claiming he did. Hit the jump to check out the bland retort.

Caine stated:

"It’s fantastic. I started filming last week and I film next week. As the butler, I do a load of filming at the beginning and everybody goes off and does all the adventures and they all come home shot to pieces and I patch them together when they all get back. Christopher Nolan, I think, is one of the greatest directors in the world and I’ve been lucky enough…this is my 5th movie with him. It’s such a pleasure to work with him and he’s so clever. We’ve all signed the official secrets act. I’m lucky to be able to tell you the title of the movie. I remember I did an interview and someone said to me, “what are you doing next?” I said, “I’m doing Batman.” I saw Chris and he said, “why did you tell them you were doing Batman?” I said, “because I am.” He said, “you’re supposed to keep it secret.” I said, “I couldn’t keep that a secret.” Let me tell you…the plot is extraordinary…really extraordinary. I know why he wants to keep it a secret. You really need not to know till you see the movie"

Now thats simply boring. Why is he playing a Butler? He's an Oscar winner!

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