Earlier this month Creature Designer Neville Page inadvertently let everybody know that he had been working on Ridley Scott's Prometheus by updating his resume over at the WPA. The extent of his involvement we could only guess, some speculated it was merely costume design and he was not involved in hands on creature design. /Film stated the designer worked very early on in the production and that any designs we would see was the work of designer Carlos Huante. Mmm we thought, Page has a very high profile background in creature design, designing for projects such as Cloverfield, Super 8 & Avatar. Well today we now know that Page was involved in creature design on Prometheus as the designer recently caught up with MTV at the premier of Green Lantern on which he co-designed Hal Jordan's costume with Ngila Dickson. Hit the jump to check out what he had to say.
MTV approached Page at the Green Lantern premiere and questioned how it felt to be involved on such a high profile gig and how did he approach the task.

"My approach is nervous. I approach Ridley with great nervous energy because it is such an undertaking. [Alien 1979] was the movie that inspired everything for me, not just creature design, but filmmaking in general. It is a huge undertaking to try and take it to the next level, to make Ridley proud, to make Giger proud, there's a lot involved with that"

Check out the video below to hear the rest. Props to MTV [via AlienPrequelNews.]

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