A location unit from Ridley Scott's Prometheus recently scouted local areas around Inverness and Fort William in Scotland to plan a shoot around August. Now its being reported that Prometheus location production manager Sam Breckman is currently in Iceland coordinating with an Icelandic production company [True North Productions] a seven day shoot next month. The news comes via Icelandic newspaper Visir [via APN] who confirm that the director will be filming part of Prometheus in Iceland. The publication goes on to state that cast members Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce & Noomi Rapace are rumored to be involved on this location. Michael Fassbender & Idris Elba have also been giving up some details on the film. Hit the jump for the goods.

Elba who will play "Janek" in the Sci-Fi behemoth recently caught up with British TV show website CultBox and gave up some more details on his role stating:

"... I’m playing a captain, I can’t say much more than that, but his name’s Captain Janek."

The actor also commented on how it felt to be working with Scott again, [Since 2007's American Gangster] and specifically commented on the involvement of special effects in Prometheus:

"There’s a fair amount of special effects in this film, yeah. But, with Ridley, he actually prefers to do it for real. Real locations, real sets, which is really a treat for us actors."

Michael Fassbender while recently promoting X-Men: First Class also gave snippets of info to different sources on Prometheus. The Irish actor told The Shortlist:

"You won’t be disappointed. I remember when they said they were going to do another Alien, I just thought, ‘Where can you go with that?’ Then they sent the script — I kept wondering, ‘When is this going to get bad?’ and it never did."

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal the actor commented the process of working with Scott:

"He’s very mischievous and he’s very free and it’s a very liberating process working with him because he lets you come up with an idea and run with it. He’s open to any ideas you come up with and he will let you rewrite scenes or let you change a scene if he thinks they work. He’s so precise; he’s a legend, a real master of his craft. His attention to detail is amazing to watch, down to the props you are using, the set design as well as your character. He’s got an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm. It’s like a master class everyday being on set with him."

Also in an interview with British station Absolute Radio Fassbender commented on the cast and the breathtaking sets:

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