[UPDATED] First Set Images From RIDLEY SCOTT'S "PROMETHEUS" Reveal Signs Of Alien Life

Two new set images from Ridley Scott's upcoming Sci-fi behemoth, Prometheus have allegedly emerged online. Previously we got a glimpse of an external Green Screen where the film is currently shooting in Pinewood studios in the UK. Today we have what appears to be large set excavations underground. Hit the jump to check them out.
Warning* images contain Spoilers.

Update: has now removed the images at the request of 20th Century fox which does seem to confirm their legitimacy. Also on closer inspection of the second image it appears to be an entrance leading into a very similar structure to the Space Jockey derelict ship in both concave form and color.

Update#2: The url now re-directs to Fox.

The images come via Its presumably on set at Pinewood though the location is not confirmed. At first the images appear pretty bland but on closer inspection the second image does appear to have hieroglyphs etched both above the archway and the surrounding facade. Also the Archway appears to be a gateway of some kind as a sliding door can be seen protruding from the left. They appear very similar to those that H.R Giger added to the sets of the original Alien where they were originally intended to be seen in an Alien pyramid or silo on the planet’s surface [Planetoid in Alien], which the Space Jockey's used as a temple for their reproductive ceremonies involving the face-huggers. You can find that info here.

Along with the two set photos, the site teased another photo [below] with the promise that more updates are coming up in the days to come. As you see the image contains quite a lot of "Giger-type" detail.

Directed by Ridley Scott & starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Rafe Spall, Guy Pearce, Emun Elliott, Benedict Wong, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green & Kate Dickie, Prometheus will hit theaters June 8th 2012.

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