Developer Drops Hints That 'XBOX 360 SUCCESSOR' Will Debut In 2012!

E3 2011 has only just concluded but already rumors are circulating surrounding next years event. Specifically the possible debut of the successor to the Xbox 360 being unveiled at E3 2012 then hitting shelves in 2013. This is believed to be the blueprint via information leaked from the developers behind TimeSplitters 4. Crytek, the studios behind sci-fi shooters Crysis and Crysis 2 are developing TimeSplitters 4 for a "next-gen console" with hardware supplied by Microsoft. WTF does that mean? Well by using Microsoft's DirectX engine mostly used for features like tessellation, breaking polygons into pieces to allow much more detailed and realistic mapping, multithreaded rendering, faster rendering, and compute shaders [another rendering performance booster] blah blah blah its next Generation stuff. Hit the jump for the details.

The Crytek developer spoke to VideoGamer and stated:

"Microsoft will announce the existence of a new Xbox within the next 12 months"

Microsoft have yet to comment on the matter but we can speculate what the system would feature.

DP Connect wireless technology.
This will allow users to wirelessly connect to their DP enabled TV, eliminating the need to use A/V cables which also allows users to connect to up to 10 TVs at once. Sexy.

New Kinect software which will allow for HD video chatting with up to six people simultaneously. With the development and evolution of social media functionality like Call of Duty's 'Elite' this makes a lot of sense.

The ability to view, edit, and upload videos to popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. Standard.

Advanced Functionality, multitasking allowing users to pause their game, turn on music, surf the Internet. 

Now these of course are only small features, the truth is that Microsoft have been working on the X-Box 360's successor since 2006, and the main reason for Microsoft to launch the new console is actually the development of TVs. Remember its called the X-box because Microsoft didn't even know what they wanted it to be.

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