CATHERINE HARDWICKE Will Direct NOOMI RAPACE In Iconic Swedish Singer Biopic

Director Catherine Hardwicke [Twilight] will direct Noomi Rapace [Prometheus, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo] in a biopic of Swedish singer Anita Lindblom. The film will focus on Lindblom's affair with boxer Bosse Högberg [who will be played by Rapace’s ex-husband Ola Rapace.] Peter Birro will script the project. Hardwicke stated "I immediately fell in love with the script, it throws us back into Swedish celebrity culture of the 1960s, where the name is more important than the person." Filming on the untitled biopic is set to kick off in the autumn for a 2012 release. The move is a departure for Hardwicke from the 'supernatural teen romance ' as the director steps back into indie territory which she saw earlier success with Thirteen [2003.] Hardwicke first mentioned the project a few weeks ago, stating, "I have another project that looks like it’s going to go first. It’s in Sweden and Germany, and it’s really wild. I can’t quite talk about it, but we’ll probably do the announcement in a couple of weeks."

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