20th Century Fox Finally Reveals the First Official Banner for RIDLEY SCOTT'S "PROMETHEUS"!

Well yep, we have the first official promotional material for Ridley Scott's super anticipated Sci-Fi behemoth Prometheus which was premiered inside the Licensing International Expo taking place in Las Vegas. Now a couple of you squares may grumble at the simplicity of the banner -well to hell with you! Its perfect, stark and lacking all commercial pretense. If you are a true fan of Ridley Scott's Alien then you will be excited by the font, if not get the Hell off this site. There are a couple of shots of the banner after the jump.

The shots are courteous of the peeping toms at & ShockTillYouDrop. One could speculate that the starkness projected resembles the void of space, cold and remote like the love of God. Can anybody recognize that font used? P.s Not another f**cking Chipmunks movie. 

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