Separate "FRANKENSTEIN" Projects Being Developed by Major Studios

Well Hollywood has done Vampires so attention is being tuned into new territories and for "Frankenstein" this is not good. Last year there was talk of Guillermo del Toro re-working one of the best scripts ever written, Frank Darabont's Mary Shelly's Frankenstein [though certainly not the best Movie ever made]. Then there was an excellent script based on the life of the author, and titled: Mary Shelly floating around by M.F that almost seemed to happen. Today two more Frankenstein projects are getting the go ahead. Hit the jump for the details.

Matt Reeves [Cloverfield] who recently impressed with Let Me In has signed on to direct This Dark Endeavor, an adaptation of Kenneth Oppel's "young Frankenstein" novel that Summit recently optioned. Jacob Aaron Estes has penned the adaption. The second project is The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein, which Sam Raimi's Ghost House pictures is producing and David Auburn has been brought in to script. That storyline actually features Percy and Mary Shelly as characters who play alongside a young Victor Frankenstein, a man who starts experimenting with corpses. But it does not end there because Guillermo del Toro's project which Craig Fernandez penned has been purchased by Columbia Pictures. That story takes Frankenstein into a modern setting. Also Guns N Roses guitar player Slash has teamed his Slasher Films with Scout Productions to do Wake the Dead, a Frankenstein tale based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles with Jay Russell attached to star. Well the material is amazing, not just the Novel but the authors life, so if any exec /Developers /Producers want to discover some material then I suggest to check out MF's script.

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