The First Reactions to J.J ABRAMS "SUPER 8" Emerge Online

Official reviews for J.J Abrams' Super 8 are embargoed until June 1st but well that hasn't stopped various sites online from bloody well opening their Gobs and spouting all sorts. Hit the jump to see if the movie is worth the wait.

With no special preference or special order, here are what some folks think. Props to CBM for collating the "opinions". Fortunately today Paramount gave word that bloggers were allowed to “tweet about your thoughts on the film” so lawsuits can wait.

"Loved it, they don’t make these types of movies anymore. The best thing I can say about the film is that I loved the characters/setting/tone so much that I probably would have enjoyed it just as much as a Stand By Me-like coming of age drama without the sci-fi/train crash/action. Its one of those films that feels like it was made just for me. [someone asked if its more E.T. or Cloverfield, I responded: It’s Cloverfield with the characters and setting of E.T]". 

"There's no doubt at all that Super 8 will be entertaining. After all, it's 'The Goonies' meets 'Cloverfield', and what's not to love about that?"

"Absolutely loved it, lived up to my high expectations. Felt like watching an Amblin classic. Of course, it’s expected I’d love it, considering how excited I was for it, but yes, it’s that good. Really need to see it again! Collider: It’s great. Made me feel like a kid again Jen Yamato: I enjoyed Super 8′s Goonies vibe; the kids are great. Has its problems, but none are deal breakers for me…though they will be for others.

Hero Complex: 
"Remember how the academy expanded the best picture race to include crowdpleasers and sublime spectacle films? Meet Super 8"

"It was everything I wanted it to be. A coming-of-age sci-fi adventure like the classics I love. Super 8′s great for older kids AND grown-ups who long for the classic sci-fi films of the late ’70s and ’80s. Longer review to come — but I loved it — think you will too!"

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