Another Fairytale Deconstruction Emerges with Sony's Dark Version of "THE LITTLE MERMAID"

With the thirst for reboots, retellings and revisions hitting the Industry its no surprise that yet another twisted version of a classic fairytale is heading our way. This new movie from Sony is based on Carolyn Turgeon’s novel Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale. The Novel bears little resemblance to the Hans Christian Andersen classic and shifts the story’s narrative focus. Told from the perspective of a Princess, who in order to save her ravaged kingdom sets out on a journey to marry the Prince of her rival kingdom, thereby saving her people. The only problem, as she discovers, is that the Prince’s heart belongs to a Mermaid who has sacrificed everything so that they can be together. Shana Feste will write and direct. Tobey Maguire & Jenno Topping are producing.

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