Ridley Scott's Prometheus is currently entering its sixth week of filming at Pinewood Studios, this week Swedish newspaper Expressen [Via Alien Prequel News] published an article in which they chatted with the stars of Scott's epic Sci-fi behemoth, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Hit the jump for the details.

Rapace was asked if Prometheus would offer the same shock value as Scott's first Sci-fi film, the 1979 original Alien.

"Yes, in a way. What I like about the Alien movies is that they take place in space where everything is strange, but at the same time the main characters are very human and down to earth. It's what Ridley created and it's the same thing here. I think that we'll finally get to see that again in this movie."

The paper asked Fassbender how does this particular large production compare to other productions he has worked on.

"The biggest difference is how much time you get to make every scene absolutely right. I recently played in a new Steve McQueen movie ("Shame"), and the whole shoot took five weeks. Prometheus is going to take four months. In the McQueen movie we shot 20 pages of the script a day. In Prometheus we're shooting just one page a day."

In screenwriting 1 page of script equates to about 1 minute of screen time which on a film like Prometheus we are talking about almost a million dollars per minute [screen time] to make. Fassbender also commented on his first day on set.

"One of the biggest things you notice is how many people there are all over the place on set. There are so many people! But the movie is costing about $150 million. The McQueen movie cost $5 million."

Previous to the article with Expressen Fassbender had stated to HeroComplex [L.A Times] earlier this month:

"I walk on the set and I feel like I’m walking on a spaceship. It’s breathtaking. All the various panels and screens and it’s just dealing with a top-notch art department and carpenters and the riggers and everything that goes into putting that together. It’s just, well, breathtaking, all of it." 

Fassbender’s favorite movie of all time is in fact Scott's Blade Runner, so he explained how working with the director has been a dream come true,

"It’s great. He’s just so precise and fun and mischievous and just full of interesting and quirky ideas for the character. They come to you in passing but then he lets you run with it and there’s a lot of freedom there. I’m really just enjoying it and everything in general, the whole crew is so veteran and talented from all departments down, the camera, wardrobe, makeup, props, the works,  you’ve got the cream of the crop and it’s an honor just to be allowed to be part of it."

Prometheus is set for release June 8th 2012.

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