Zoë Kravitz who plays an attractive mutant "Angel Salvadore" in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men First Class recently chatted with The Independent. We get a brief glimpse of her character in the trailer where by she develops wings which appear out of tattoos on her back. An attractive mutant is generally a rare thing and I have to admit it has brought all manner of thoughts to my mind, anyway hit the jump to check out what Kravitz face stated:

"When it comes to stuff like X-Men, I just didn’t think that I would get that part. I just think I auditioned because people were auditioning and my agent was like, ‘Please go’, and had to talk me into going. It was impersonal in so many ways. My character flies and I’ll be wearing a harness and I’d be wearing wires all the time. Then I’d have to stand in strange ways, pretending there are not wires and pretending that I’m flying and floating, like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Also, Matthew Vaughn cares about the drama, it’s not like he’s trying to make things explode all the time, so you want to look the other actors in the eye and connect and connect. But it’s kind of hard when all this other crazy stuff is going on."

X-Men: First Class will hit theaters June 3rd. Kravitz, who yes is the daughter of Lenny is also set to appear in Mad Max: Fury Road alongside Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron. Meow Meow.

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