Ron Moore is very good at what he does and that is create engaging TV series such as his re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, which was one of the top three TV series show of the last decade. His new project 17th Precinct reunites some of that BSG cast. The Pilot sees [Jamie Bamberas "Detective Caolán Longstreet", his partner "Jeff Boson" [James Callis], accompanied by necromancer "Morgana" [Tricia Helfer]. Little details have been released apart from the fact that the series, which deals with criminal investigations in the magically-driven town of Excelsior, would see magic take precedent over science. The Australian site WhatsPlaying recently got their hands on a copy of the Pilot Script. Hit the jump to check out the details.

17th Precinct is based on the law-enforcers stationed at a Precinct in San Francisco. Excelsior is in fact a futuristic San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge remains, albeit without cables and Alcatraz Island’s remains without the prison. The Internet is gone, replaced by a sort of smoke stream that puts exactly the info you need on a piece of paper waved through the smoke. 

Detective Caolán Longstreet [Bamberand his partner Jeff Boston [Callis] are investigating a homicide and haunting. A man in his mid-fifties has been found behind a dumpster with multiple stab wounds in the city.

Caolán Longstreet is a blonde thirty-something officer noted with a seriousness and deep focus. 

Jeff Bosson is British and described as "more down-to-earth."

Caolán Longstreet is looking for a promotion and its made clear he really needs it to support his family. At the scene of the crime its apparent the Officers harbor supernatural powers Caolán Longstreet uses his hand to take photographs and Jeff Bosson magically lifts the blood from the crime scene and makes it hover just above where it fell.

The victim is identified as "Don Pynchon", a local who possessed the ability to predict future events. Pynchon had foreseen an event that was going to take place on the "Equinox" holiday.

The Deputy Mayor, "Brian Kohl" becomes a suspect after Pynchon’s widow reveals details of a heated telephone conversation her late husband. 

So enter Morgana [Helfer] who summons Pynchon's spirit who informs the officers, that his murder was out of “vengeance” not “revenge”.

Other Prominent characters:

"Chief Inspector Wilder Blanks" [Eamonn Walker] described ad more old-school with how the way crimes are solved and criminals are convicted.

"Detective Sargent Mira Barkley" [Stockard Channing] a member of Homicide who recently returned to Excelsior.

"Detective Inspector Liam" [formerly Lisa] a transexual.

"Jimmy" [Matt Long] the rookie who is partnered with "Mira Barkley". 

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