Production on Ridley Scott's Prometheus is gathering pace with secondary shooting already having begun in Toronto and casting thoroughly underway. The script is under tight security but possible storyline details have been emerging. Today JoBlo with a nod to [AlienPrequelNews] claim they were directed to an interview Ridley Scott earlier gave to a undisclosed publication. Hit the jump to check it out.

JoBlo comments:

"in a foreign interview back in December, Ridley Scott admitted part of Prometheus takes place a million years in the past...presumably showing the origin story of the Space Jockeys."

A lot of speculation has been surrounding the involvement of the Space Jockey in Prometheus and whether the Film is in fact a prequel to Alien. While it does seem to contain a lot of element that would classify a "prequel" and Prometheus does appear to be heavily involved in the Alien universe it may just be out of sync with a "prequel" timeframe. The reference Scott makes would seem to correlate with the apparent fossilization of the Space Jockey in the 1979 original Film, as that species may possibly have been extinct for millennia. Its been hypothesized that the Alien eggs in the 1979 original were held in a highly advanced hibernation status, hence inadvertently activated on contact. There has also already been reference made to this timeframe in Alien lore:

According to Mark Schultz's comic book for Dark Horse, Alien Apololypse: The Destroying Angels, the Aliens caused the Space Jockey species to become extinct 1.6 million years ago. As AlienPrequelNews points out Swiss Magazine Blick ran an article last May in which the publication talked to Scott and the director mentions the following in reference to writer Erich Von Daniken:

"He has guessed right. Millions of years ago, there were intelligent creatures everywhere. It is a time when HR Giger's monster didn't exist. I have to create something new." 

So this epic timeframe? What of it? Well we know that archeological digs are involved in Prometheus so possibly that alludes to a past sequence of events. In Von Daniken's 1968 novel: Chariots of the Gods its hypothesized that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods. Pretty much akin to those of you familiar with the Sumerians. How this correlates with Prometheus we shall have to wait and see like underage impatient french schoolgirls outside a discothèque. 

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