MGM are finally getting their reboot of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven film: RoboCop off the ground. As we know Jose Padilha [Elite Squad] is now officially directing but it now is revealed that he has been on board for quite some time. MotionTV online caught up with the director and quizzed him about the project. Hit the jump to check it out.

MotionTV: How are the RoboCop negotiations?

Padilha: It is about doing a new movie, and we're working on it at the moment, and the negotiations are closed already.

MotionTV: It is already closed?

Padilha: It has been a while!

MotionTV: Really? We received that news only on March 1st, but it seems like you've been talking about it for some time, is that correct?

Padilha: Yes, we're already working on the screenplay and everything...

MotionTV: This is something that can work out really well or... I mean, because there's a lot of expectations around this, how are your expectations?

Padilha: I have no concerns about it. I only work on movies when it feels right, when I add something of my own way of portraying things. I make movies for myself and I don't feel nervous, I have no problem with expectations, and if the movie is going to work or not. I just look forward to keep its integrity and directing it the best way I can, all the rest doesn't concern me.

MotionTV: MGM was looking for a globally appealing director. Why do you think they chose you?

Padilha: I don't know. I think they saw my movies and felt there was something there that could bring to the present day this controversial, yet different, violent movie which is RoboCop without misrepresenting it.

MotionTV: So when can we expect RoboCop to come out?

Padilha: It's a project I'm developing from the very beginning together with Josh Zetumer, which is the screenwriter, and there's no deadline really. When the screenplay turns out good enough, then we will start shooting.

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