Zack Snyder recently sat down and chatted to Ed Gross of SciFiNow about his upcoming Superman reboot. The director openly discussed surpassing the chalenges of the cliched and somewhat outdated character and making this story relevant.

"You’ve got to keep in mind that they look at Superman as passé because that is the way he’s been approached in the movies," stated Snyder. "It’s not like the movies have done anything to fight that, so all I can say is that Chris [Nolan] and David [Goyer] address that in their story. I think the challenge is to make him relevant – figure out how we can make them care about him. That is the challenge." 

On the casting of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. 

"He just did a great job with the material that we had him try out, so it was a win-win situation, He’s definitely – without saying what our Superman is – it. He knows how to do what we needed him to do."

Superman producer Christopher Nolan has also recently said that Henry Cavill will make an "extraordinary" Man of Steel.

"Henry's a terrific choice as Superman," Nolan said. "Other than having the look, he gave an incredible performance in the test we did and I think he's going to be something really extraordinary in the role."

Snyder on taking on the character. 

"Superman’s the king daddy; he’s the shit. If you can make him work, in the end there’s nobody else in the superhero world. For me, Watchmen was the exact opposite of Superman in that now that I’ve deconstructed the superhero world — I tore the curtain down — maybe I’m the right guy to put it back up. It’s like participating in the Olympics," he smiles. "I know that’s a weird metaphor, but, you know, there is definitely a historical aspect that is beyond you. The character is bigger than you and you have to keep that in mind. And the character will continue when you’re done. I feel pretty good about that now."

Superman Man of Steel [working title] will hit theaters December 2012.

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