Michael Fassbender recently chatted with EW and briefly discussed his role in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The Irish actor confirmed what we was pretty much considered a given, that he will be playing an android "David" in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Hit the jump to check it out.

On whether he is a fan of the Alien franchise.

"Alien and Aliens, both of them,” he says. “And [Scott's] Blade Runner, which I recently watched again. I’m really looking forward to stepping into a Ridley sci-fi world. And the script is really intelligent and has a nice pace to it. Plus, if I’m honest with you, I sort of approach my work as a fan. I’m a massive movie fan and I like to go on an adventure ride as much as I like to see something that has a bit of social commentary to it"

On the connection to a Prequel.

"It’s a different story, but it’s also got the traditional roots. Alien fans will recognize things in it. It’s not ignoring Alien, there’s still a link to that world. But it’s a different story. It’s definitely connected, though." When asked if he’d be playing an android in the film, Fassbender laughs, "I don’t know what I can say!" But as he says this, he glances down at a damning tape recorder between us and nods affirmatively. "I don’t want to get into trouble…"

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