Paramount Pictures released the trailer for the Steven Spielberg produced J.J Abrams directed movie Super 8 during the Super -bowl. Its the real first teaser after this. From first viewing it has Spielberg written all over it, especially with the adolescent wide eyed nature abounding within, the film has been keep under typical wraps but the trailer does offer up an introduction to the cast and as some have noticed maybe a little bit more. Check it out after the jump.

So /Film noticed what appears to be a portion of a Jaw, visible in a screen capture from the Super 8 trailer with a certain "Jurassic Park vibe" to it. Is this the first glimpse of the creature? Is this concept art related?

Abrams spoke a little about the movie to Hero Complex, revealing:
"To me, all people need to know is that it’s an adventure about a small town and it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s scary and there’s a mystery: What is this thing that has escaped? What are the ramifications of its presence? And what is the effect on people? But I know that’s not enough. Look, I feel we need a little bit of a coming-out party because we are up against massive franchises and brands and most people don’t know what ‘Super 8? means. We’re a complete anomaly in a summer of huge films … and we don’t want to be so silent or coy that people don’t care or don’t hear about it.” … “As the process went along I  realized I had the potential makings of  my favorite sort of movie, which is the one that is the hardest genre to define. That because you could say — and be right — that it’s a science fiction movie; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a love story; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a comedy; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a special-effects spectacle. That sort of cocktail is for me what I love about movies…that was the beginnings of this movie coming together."

Super 8 hits theaters 19 August.

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