'BATMAN:THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Leaked Script? [Updated]

A few weeks ago rumors spread like wildfire that a leaked copy of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises script had found its way online, the story originated via a user over at SuperHeroHype's forums and was later de-bunked by sites that got in touch with Warner. The "leaked script" contained elements that had largely been rumored for some time, i.e Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Sarah EssenHugo Strange, Killer Croc and even included a Bat Chopper. It soon became clear that no "leaked script" existed. Today an actual script has been forwarded to us entitled 'The Dark Knight Rises' and if it is fake, its the best fake we have ever come across. 165 pages long dated October 2010 and written by Jonathan Nolan & David Goyer with story by Christopher Nolan. Its is a seriously well constructed and contained work that bears no traits normal fakes harbor. 

Outline: "The Script begins with the assassin Deadshot [Floyd Lawton] being broken out of prison by Russian Agents and sent to northern Europe where he is then smuggled into America as he has been hired by a clandestine organization from the Gotham underground; "The Society". Batman has become more of a "myth" in Gotham as the criminal underworld has dissipated. Gotham is safer with arrests 30% down so The Dark Knight keeps a very low profile. Batman also has a new aerial vehicle, "The Wraith". A modified military prototype aircraft/drone with a 40 foot wing span. The Batmobile is now equipped with an E.M.P device. Wayne Manor is rebuilt but Wayne Enterprises is struggling with a lawsuit filed by a rival corporation, Daggett industries and Wayne Enterprises are almost brought to the ground, so much so that Lucius Fox feels he must turn against the irresponsible Bruce Wayne to save the company. A new Batcave has been constructed beneath the re-constructed Manor. Deadshot meets the organisation "The Society" headed by The Black Mask who wears an ebony skull. Black Mask is also in alliance with Roland Daggett, Ceo of Daggett Industries. Nolan it seems has merged the character of Hugo Strange together with Edward Nashton [Their is no reference to The Riddler and he makes no appearance in the film as Nolan previously admitted but Nashton does] Nashton like Hugo Strange figures out Batman's identity and toys with himCommissioner Gordon plays out his role almost identically as he does in Prey as he is instructed by the Mayor to deal with and take Batman out of the picture, he is here assisted by a Detective Adams."
What is missing from the draft is a clear female Villain, Deadline reported in November that Nolan has a shortlist for 2 Female leads. This does not specify is they are Villains or love interests. Their is no mention of Catwoman/ Selina Kyle and this would be the first time Nolan has merged characters notably Hugo Strange/ Nashton. One has also to consider that if this is in fact authentic, its not a finished draft which was completed up to 4 months later in January this year. The jury is truly out.

[Today 19/01/11 via press release Warner bros. have announced that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane & Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle]

[You can find a copy of the supposed early draft here.]

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