Where to begin, the problems with Tron: Legacy and there are many. Firstly the amount of hype surrounding this massively promoted project really set the movie up to be something special, something truly re-imagined yet also a valid sequel. Its core narrative is flawed, the script has major problems, horribly ridden in cliché, easily predictable, the story quality well just bad. Tron: Legacy simply did not have a lot to live up to. The original was a fairly simple construction, thematically simple. Legacy failed by having no clear agenda, the effects are impressive and the acting good but this does not save the project.

The plot is just mundane, predictable. It simply does not go anywhere, the central story is so nuclear it compresses all possibilities by just relying on the weak father son arc too much. Envisioning a sequel is pointless, there really is no story. The resolution fails collapsing in on itself, with a-typical characters standing in to tidily wrap up the predicted ending, [which you guessed from act 1]. Its sad because you expect more, you expect to be genuinely impressed but Tron: Legacy is a weak blended cafe latte at best, you kind of expect the rush but the beans are old and a little burnt but the packaging is pretty.

Legacy begins we learn that Flynn [Jeff Bridges] went to work in 1989 and never came home, leaving his son behind to flounder and become rebellious as the family business grew. Sam goes to the old Flynn’s arcade where Flynn was pulled into the computer. Sam is pulled in too, discovering his father has been living the last 20 years in a digital world he created. Apparently Flynn was working on ideas we all use today. Interesting concept, but the film does little with it besides using it as a gag. For two decades Flynn has been doing battle with an out-of-control program he created called Clu, who seeks the outside world for more power.

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