Its been known for some time that Marc Webb's Spider-man re-boot would be shot in 3D. Now Engadget report that the movie is being shot with 3ality rigs and Red Epic cameras, and also that they have already begun to be used on the Spiderman's sets. These cameras are the same types Peter Jackson will use filming the The Hobbit.

Engadget state:
"Peter Jackson already scooped up 30 EPICs to help him shoot his next big venture, The Hobbit, in 3D, but he's been beaten to the digital cinematography punch by the producers of the next Spidey flick, who have cornered a quartet of the cameras and actually started shooting with them on set yesterday. John Schwartzman, the dude responsible for filming the whole thing, has been extolling the virtues of using such fancy gear over on the RED forums, which is also where he promises his crew will be making further comments detailing the user experience. In slightly less thrilling RED news, the Scarlet S35 is being renamed to the EPIC Lite and will suffer the upheaval of having its features and price changed -- hit the links below for more."

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