The news that Ridley Scott's Alien Prequels had been delayed for 12 months was quite surprising since both 20th Century Fox and Scott seemed to be satisfied with Damon Lindelof's re-working of Jon Spaihts script. Production had stalled before when Scott and Fox hit a wall over budgetary and rating criteria. Today we have news which may have affected a delay via our source close to the production.
Fox have in fact agreed to Scott's demand of an R-Rating, but as a result are also currently considering releasing the films exclusively in 3D, meaning you can only view Alien Prequel #1 & #2 in stereoscopic 3D capable theaters such as Imax. This may seem quite extreme but Fox realize that 3D is a selling point that pulls in bigger audiences who are prepared to pay up to 50% more for a 3D experience. This premium compensates for the lower attendance ratio of R-rated films. Fox know they are going to take a hit in terms of overall attendance with the stronger rating, so this way they ensure said smaller audience pays more when they do see it. Exclusive 3D release also reduce piracy risks. Ultimately this is good news as Scott retains the ability to make the films the way he wants to. 

Updates as they happen.

Update: Scott Free [Ridley Scott's Production house], according to Vulture were considering pushing back the Prequels production schedule to accommodate Leonardo DiCaprio staring in Scott's prequels. Thus happily seeing production commence in March 2011.

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