Robert Rodriguez announced earlier in a facebook livechat that Sin City 2 would be the follow-up film after Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. There has been a lot of speculation on Rodriguez's next move but it looks like Deadpool will not be it. 

Earlier last week we reported Rosario Dawson’s complaints regarding the next time she
would be fitting into “the outfit that fits in one hand” for reprising her role as the prostitute Gail for the Sin City sequel. ”Frank Miller and I are working on it,” Rodriguez said, with one caveat.”It’s slated to be the next one, but if the script is not ready, then we’ll have to move to the next one,” he said, not elaborating on what that the other “next one“ would be. However, asked in the chat later about the Mexico-set sci-fi film: Nervewrackers he said that project is “still going to happen,” though he did not put a timeframe on it. Though Bruce Willischaracter Hartigan did (spoiler) die at the end of the original Sin City film, Rodriguez said he hopes to bring the character and actor back. “I wanna bring him back for Sin City because he’s so bad-ass.”
And as for using the Hell and Back storyline from Sin City, the part of Wallace, an artist/war hero/short order cook who saves a suicidal woman named Esther was once rumored to be written specifically for Johnny Depp, the filmmaker said, “It’s quite possible.” Frank Miller once said this storyline would be use for a proposed Sin City 3, but that was back in 2007 when he thought the Sin City 2 script was ready to go. Clearly he was getting ahead of himself if Rodriguez still thinks the Sin City 2 script still needs work.
While this is surely going to get fans hopes up, remember the “if” in Rodriguez’s answer and note the director generally has a number of projects at his disposal, so if one isn’t ready [like Sin City 2] another always awaits nearby. Spy Kids 4 is currently shooting in Austin, Texas and stars Jessica Alba.

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