Terminator Salvation director McG and entrepreneur Richard Branson are according to the richest blog in America Deadline, teaming up to create a motion picture on Christopher Columbus, the man credited with discovering the Americas.  

Branson has already been taking his first tentative steps into the movie production business, launching his Virgin Produced banner and signing on to help the Farrelly brothers get their untitled, sprawling, all-star cast/director comedy shorts film financed and made [they’re currently editing that one]. For his follow-up, Branson has his eyes on Columbus, a script penned by TS Nowlin that will apparently give the explorer a 300-style makeover. As of right now it would appear that McG – still busy shooting action comedy, This means War is simply producing, though we suppose he always has the option to direct. The big question is whether they should touch the subject at all. A lightning rod for controversy, Columbus has been box office poison for those who have attempted to chronicle his journey in the past – back in 1992, Ridley Scott and John Glen both sank in the choppy waters of audience apathy. And let’s not even think about Carry On Columbus. Can the man recover? Can McG find someone to pull it off? And, most vitally, will Branson demand a cameo, or insist that the film’s timeline be stretched to include Columbus’ sighting of the Virgin Islands?
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