Snow White and the Huntsman is becoming the next "hot project" in Hollywoodland thanks to a damn good script from Evan Daugherty and the hiring of British director Rupert Sanders. Universal just announced that it would pit the film against the first part of The Hobbit in December 2012. Today its being widely reported that Johnny Depp has been offered the lead role.
Charlize Theron has already been rumored as Ravenna, the wicked queen, and now an offer is reportedly out to Depp to play the title role of the Huntsman. Tom Hardy & Angelina Jolie have both been linked to the project in the last week. Snow White and the Huntsman reworks the classic fairy tale by giving more back story to Eric, the bounty hunter / hunstman who Ravenna hires to find and kill Snow White. He eventually refuses to kill the girl, instead tagging along with her as mentor. There is still a love story aspect, as the Huntsman doesn’t replace the Prince. In fact, the first few pages detail how Snow White and Prince Charmant grow up together and fall in love. The Huntsman has his own romantic stuff to deal with.

Enter Johnny Depp, even though he’s one of the busiest actors around. There’s a possible gig with Tim Burton in Dark Shadows, which has been reported to shoot early next year. But Mr. Burton is reportedly waiting for a Dark Shadows script so he can decide between that and Monsterpocalypse. So there’s a possibility that Johnny Depp might be able to don some woodsman’s clothes. Nothing is official for now, however, so wait until we get more info to get too attached to this idea.

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