Wolf Creek writer/director Greg Mclean has confirmed today that a sequel to his 2005 outback set horror opus is underway. McLean previously stated back in September “You’ve got to top the first one – and seriously, how much horror can you handle?”
Mclean added “If I did make “Wolf Creek 2? it would almost have to be unreleasable. Rated XXX. Banned all over the world. Never to be screened in public. That’s kind of intriguing.” The original Wolf Creek revolves around three backpackers Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi, and Nathan Phillips who find themselves held captive by a serial killer, John Jarratt in the Australian outback. It is loosely inspired by the murder of Peter Falconio in 2001. Today McLean commented.

”Indeed, we’ve been working on a Wolf Creek 2 script for a few years now, pushing hard to get it just right to make it as powerful and surprising a movie experience as possible”, Mclean says.
“This one’s a little wider in scope and we get to see Mick Taylor return in full terrifying glory across the lonely wastes of the Outback. We’re hoping to shoot next year and everyone involved is psyched to be seeing John Jarratt reprise Mick. And at the end of the day, from a directors point of view, he’s too fascinating and chilling a character to not explore the darkest depths of. And his depths, as you’ll see in the new film, are pretty damn dark…”

Mclean says that the film will feature an all new cast but Jarratt. Wolf Creek 2 will be produced by Darclight films.

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