It’s still unknown exactly how the fictional Rocket Poppeteers ice cream brand ties into the world of J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 [likely as a tangential inside joke, akin to Abram’s Slusho], but the space-themed company has taken center stage in the viral marketing, distributing T-shirts at Comic-Con and launching a website devoted to the frozen treat’s spokesman, Captain “Coop” Cooper.

Recently, the site offered an online application that allowed visitors to apply for astronaut credentials. Today, e-mails seem to have gone out, asking candidates to answer the following questions on a scale of 1 [strongly disagree] to 5 [strongly agree].

1.      Your favorite astronaut is Captain ‘Coop’ Cooper!
2.      You could defeat an evil Kladrog all by yourself.
3.      You know all the words to the Rocket Poppeteers theme song!
4.      If you could, you’d eat hamburgers every day!
5.      You finish homework quickly.
6.      Your desk at school is very organized.
7.      You believe that aliens live on other planets.
8.      You prefer to sit close to a door in a room.
9.      You prefer stories with happy endings.
10.      You enjoy exploring the unknown.
11.      Your favorite color is red.
12.      You are often a hero in your dreams.
13.      You are a super skilled rocket ship pilot. Just like Captain ‘Coop’ Cooper!
14.      You would tell the teacher if you caught your brother cheating on a test!
15.      You have things in common with other members of your class.
16.      You sometimes can tell what your classmates are thinking.
17.      You always leave room for dessert. Especially Rocket Poppeteers popsicles!
18.      If you had two Rocket Poppeteers popsicles left, would you share one with a           friend?
19.      Being a Rocket Poppeteers astronaut is the best job in the world!
20.      You would win the race to outer space.

A written portion also asks that would-be astronauts submit complete the following sentences in ten words or less:

1.      If I were a Rocket Poppeteers astronaut, my first mission would be...
2.      If I had a lifetime supply of Rocket Poppeteers popsicles, I would...

Are there clues to be had among all those questions or is this another Abrams misdirect?

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