When Lionsgate released their first teaser trailer for the Ryan Reynolds one-man thriller Buried back in April, many complained that it didn’t reveal much. But others saw it was as a perfect tease, a great example of a good teaser trailer. During Comic-Con, Lionsgate released a full length trailer for the film which didn’t show a second of footage from the film. An international movie trailer has now been released which finally sells the movie for what it is, showing the claustrophobic footage and all.
The story follows a private contractor who is kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive. He has 90 minutes of air left until he dies, and has access to only a phone and a lighter. The entire movie takes place in the coffin, with Ryan Reynolds providing the only on screen performance.

Official Synopsis:
Paul Conroy is not ready to die. But when he wakes up 6 feet underground with no idea of who put him there or why, life for the truck driver and family man instantly becomes a hellish struggle for survival. Buried with only a cell phone and a lighter, his contact with the outside world and ability to piece together clues that could help him discover his location are maddeningly limited. Poor reception, a rapidly draining battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply become his worst enemies in a tightly confined race against time- fighting panic, despair and delirium, Paul has only 90 minutes to be rescued before his worst nightmare comes true.
Buried will be released in select theaters on September 24th 2010 and will expand nationwide on October 8th 2010.

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