There have been plenty of speculation recently as to what director Duncan Jones/Zowie Bowie would be doing for a follow-up to his excellent film Moon. It appeared for a time that it would be a film in the vein of Blade Runner, called Mute, that would be written by Jones as well. The project, which Jones eventually choose to helm was Source Code and today the first image from Source Code, has appeared online.

It’s not a staggeringly exciting photo, but it does show Jake Gyllenhaal in character and dual-wielding a gun and cell phone. We know the actor plays a soldier [Colter] who is brought into a government program designed to investigate terrorism; Gyllenhaal’s consciousness is placed into the body of a civilian who experienced a terrorist bombing, and he must live through repetitions of the event to find out who was responsible.

I first came across the Script via scriptshadow, who has endless praise for an early draft [Ripley] so much so that its apparently his 2nd favourite draft ever. Find here: Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan also star alongside Gyllenhaal.

The released image is scanned from the latest issue of Empire (scan via Film Source Code) which also reveals that a March 11, 2011 release date has been set for the film, at least in the UK. Jones recently said that his edit was complete and the visual effects were underway and a composer being chosen. He estimated a release early next year, so this March 11 date fits right in with what we expected.

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