Dan Luvisi, more recently known for his work on Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter has released some Alien related artwork claiming it as a "pitch piece" he submitted for consideration to Fox and Ridley Scott's Alien prequels.

Luvisi posted the image on Deviant art and stated: “So I was given an opportunity to do a pitch piece for the new Alien prequel based off of a design H.R. Giger did for one of the previous Alien movies [which was not used]. This was not intended to be the actual design, nor was it used for the new Alien film. As for where we are with the whole process, who knows. But thought you guys would like to see. Enjoy guys!

Doubting the credibility of the claim is not easy as Luvisi is a high profile concept artist with an extensive background and catalogue in the industry. The Concept itself although quite Biomech, does resemble one of H.R Gigers unused Alien 3 concept designs. The pattern on the cranial dome incorporates similar waves that one of Giger's unused Alien 3 designs incorporated.

Giger was engaged on the Alien 3 project for a very short time, one month in fact, to redesign his original creature. He was originally sought out by Alien 3's first director, Vincent Ward. "Vincent came to Zurich," recalls Giger, "and had these ideas for a wooden planet inhabited by medieval monks who manufactured glass, which i thought were pretty good, very different. One particular scene i liked took place at the end of Ward's script when the Alien would be seen to come out of Ripley's mouth. I even fashioned a device for extracting the creature. But i later heard that Vincent didn't like me, possible because i found it hard to understand all of his ideas - yet i was never officially involved at the same time as him."

Although Giger prepared preliminary sketches visualizing Ward's storyline, the New Zealander was soon to be replaced by David Fincher, who officially employed Giger to redesign the original Xenomorph. 

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