It is being reported that Superman and Wolverine may not be the only comic book properties attracting the attentions of director Darren AronofskyNewsarama is reporting that Aronofsky is also being courted by Columbia Pictures to helm the adaptation of Preacher.
For those unfamiliar with Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic, Preacher centers on the dark adventures of Jesse Custer, a preacher who accidentally kills his congregation and then awakens to discover he can speak with the word of God [meaning he can command almost anyone to do anything]. I’ve always maintained that the adaptation would work better as an HBO miniseries, but perhaps screenwriter John August has successfully cracked it and made it work as a movie.

Sam Mendes was originally attached to direct, but dropped off the project to helm James Bond 23 instead.  Speaking to Steve in April, producer Neal Moritz said that they’re aiming to shoot next year, which is also when The Man of Steel and Wolverine 2 plan to shoot so Aronofsky would have to choose.  Of course, he could just choose to go off and do his own thing. His latest film, Black Swan, has been picking up rave reviews and is set to open on December 1st.

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