In July 2008 Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler) signed on to helm a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop. However, later that year with MGM in financial woes, Aronofsky decided to depart from the project and concentrate on directing his psychological thriller Black Swan.  There were initial rumors that Aronofsky had left over disagreements with MGM’s desire to make the remake 3D.  Speaking to MTV yesterday, Aronofsky dispelled that rumor.

He stated that MGM’s precarious financial situation was to blame:

“The studio is in question, as everyone knows, with ‘The Hobbit’ and all that stuff, and ‘Black Swan’ was ready to go.  It just became an easy decision.”

Aronofsky went on to say that he is in no way opposed to 3D and with the right project he would be totally into it. 
“With the right project, I’m totally into 3D,” he said “Scorsese’s working in 3-D [The Invention of Hugo Cabret]. I am very curious what that’s going to be. Like everyone, I thought Avatar was an incredible experience. I’m also interested in what someone like John Waters would do in 3D. That’s when it starts to become interesting, when you start to see it used in very interesting, different ways. There is a backlash at this point, and I think that’s just because it’s been overexposed, but that’s just because people are rushing to bank in on it. There’s no doubt that interesting things are going to be done in 3D.”

And as for ever returning to Robocop?  “We’ll see what happens with it down the line,” he said.

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