When it was announced that Joss Whedon was writing and directing the Avengers film, one of the first thoughts to flash across the geekosphere’s hive mind was: does this mean he’s going to rewrite Captain America too? And technically the answer is yes, though it’s still far to early to know how or if the WGA will credit him.

In an interview with Earth’s Mightiest, Whedon reveals what his work on the Cap script entailed:

MMmm thats interesting/ Thanks Matthew [comments below].
The structure of the thing was really tight and I loved it, but there were a couple of opportunities to find his voice a little bit — and some of the other characters — and make the connections so that you understood exactly why he wanted to be who he wanted to be. And progressing through the script to flesh it out a little bit.
So it could have been a full, from-the-top dialogue revamp draft… or it maybe not. I’m glad he bothered to praise the story’s structure, though. I don’t think he’s fibbing to us.
Does Whedon enjoy his script doctor gigs, and not just the cheques? He says that he did this time:
Because, A, they’ll actually use the things I wrote, which is rare; and, B, it’s a fun puzzle to go in and say, ‘Okay, this is what works, this is what needs to be connected, and here are some key moments.’ Then the third thing is that it takes place in the ’40s, so I got to write ’40s dialogue, and that’s never not fun.
And I hope it will be fun for us too.
As a footnote, I see that Hey U Guys have received an e-mail from an extra on the movie. Here’s just a whiff:
The whole day we filmed different views of the troops marching in. As we were marching, we walked past tanks and trucks with a logo with a skull and octopus legs on it…
… It was pretty boring, but we did get to see Chris Evans in the Captain America costume. They’ve gone for a 1940s style, with a padded top, little blue shorts, blue leggings and red boots.

On further examination and discussion it appears this poster is another very impressive fan made fake, which has made second rounds here & on bleeding cool. The last time I saw Fan posters this impressive was for Alien 3. Do we have any more? Maybe we can put together a Gallery?

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