Mexico doesn’t exactly do a lot of sci-fi movies, especially what looks like ones with a pretty sizable budget as Angel Mario Huerta’s Seres:Genesis the first of a proposed trilogy based on a Graphic novel. 

The North American rights to the Mexican alien invasion movie written, directed and produced by Heurta, have been picked by the distributor 24 frames, which will release the film in late October, it will be released in Mexico on September 17th. The American release will be a limited and staggered one with the intention of building word of mouth and positive critical response.

Check out the trailer:

It is the year 2010. Mexico’s technological giant Owal Tec leaded by it’s general manager Mariel and it’s team, are investigating the paranormal activities that are happening around the country and the world. This by using the secret Division 7 in the company. Graco, their archeological leader is looking for king’s pacal’s codecs. One of the last mayan kings that was known for prophesying the end of our times in the Mayan calendar. This was done by perfectly marking the Month and Day this will happen. At the same time, the US government investigates the phenomenon and decides not to go trough with the partnership they had with Owal Tec. This and other recent happenings are the reason why Owal Tec needs to push forward with their investigations. The team starts to make findings that will lead them to believe that King Pascal was not actually wrong in his predictions. We will learn that “since the beginning of time, they have been among us” and that “the species will reach extinction”. This is the first part of a trilogy. Seres: Génesis is the beginning, Seres: Evolution will mark the future for our kind and Seres: Extinction will reveal our destiny.

The film, the first of a trilogy, is due out in Mexico September 17, 2010.

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