Tom Six director of [2010 Dutch horror film] The Human Centipede recently gave an interview to the BBC revealing he’s currently filming a sequel entitled The Full Sequence in London. And this time around, he says the "anus-to-mouth human centipede" will include twelve people and be fully medically accurate!  

The sequel’s title hints at a longer centipede – is that correct?
Yes, the centipede has 12 people. I had so many ideas when I wrote part one but I couldn’t put them all in because I wanted the audience to get used to the sick idea. Now I can put all my crazy ideas in part two.

How difficult was the casting process [for the first]?
I made a drawing of the human centipede construction – and because a picture says more than a thousand words. I showed the drawings to the actresses and so many became very angry with me. They thought I was a European lunatic, so they left.

What will mainstream audiences make of it?

I was in the audience at the American premiere. I got all kinds of reactions. I saw people vomiting, people left the theatre because they couldn’t handle it. I had a girl who was too afraid to talk to me afterwards, she thought I was totally nuts.

In Japan they laughed during the whole film – they couldn’t stop laughing.

How funny did you intend it to be?
Not at all. I have a really dark sense of humour myself. But when I wrote the script I wanted to be really serious, but that seriousness creates some humour somehow.

Is there a deeper message to this film?
I read a lot of books about World War II so when I wrote the story I kept referring to the terrible things the Nazi doctors did, and I put in American and Japanese characters so they are all related to the main players of the Second World War. [BBC]
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