Lars Von Trier has begun his follow up to his 2009 Antichrist or as put it his Atrocity . He has promised no more happy endings & referred to the film as a "psychological disaster movie". "Melancholia" had now began production & Von Trier has held a press conference & mentioned details of the story.

There is a wedding & melancholia, but I don't want to say any more then that" Von trier told the press. He explained that the characters played by Alexander Skarsgård and Kirsten Dunst will marry, then experience a ‘dramatic’ end to their union. Other character details include the fact that Charlotte Gainsbourg plays Dunst’s sister and John Hurt plays their father. Stellan Skarsgård plays either the father or best man for his son’s character. Kiefer Sutherland, who seems to be the male lead, said “my character represents what is right, while Kirsten represents what is left. There is an important balance in the film.” Sutherland also commented upon Von Trier’s style, saying that he loves ”filming ‘live’, without any rehearsals.”
Dunst also commented on Trier’s filming methods, saying that “Lars instructs without [rehearsal] and it gives real things life. This is a continuing challenge for myself and with the material. [There's] poetry in the way he tortures women.” (That line comes from a translated Danish report, via The Playlist, so while that line about torturing women is provocative, it may not be 100% accurate.)
Also from the translation is Trier’s joking comment that the film “looks like shit.” He added, “No, I hope not. But it is certainly a little uglier than the previous one.” Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro said, ” He finds an energy in the scenes before and make up with photographic aesthetics. It suits me fine.” He continued, “all are on to improvise and take it from the hip. Each day we begin without instruction, and are then given instructions along the route. The actors are completely wild and very sweet and well prepared.”

Transcript  Courtsesy of /Film.
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