It is being reported that lost scribe/executive producer Damon Lindelof has been hired to re-write Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel.

Lindelof reportedly met with Scott and 20th Century Fox to discuss the project, but also ended up sparking a discussion that “could well turn out to be a free-standing science fiction film.” Fox will decide once Lindelof turns in his script. Lindelof is already hard at work penning Star Trek 2 with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.  As for Scott, he hasn’t confirmed that the Alien prequel [which would actually be two 3D movies] will be his next projects. Apparently Lindelof jumped at the opportunity as Scott's 1979 original Alien was such a "seminal influence" on him. Resuscitating the Alien franchise has been a big priority for Fox, which has a script by Jon Spaihts, who wrote Passengers for Morgan Creek, and whose drafts on the Alien film persuaded Scott to move from producing the film to directing it.

So where does this leave Alien HarvestAn apparent leaked Alien prequel script titled "Alien Harvest" apparently penned from Alien prequel hired writer Jon Spaihts has been circulating the web for the previous year with no official response or denial from Fox. Rumors started surfacing within communities such as imdb that the script in fact be a legitimate early draft. To see the Alien Harvest script go here:

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