Kick-Ass was made completely independently and then picked up by Lionsgate for distribution, so it’s always remained unclear what process a potential sequel would have to go through to get greenlit. Does Lionsgate have to give the all clear?

Can Matthew Vaughn just pull together the money independently again?. Vaughn, will be tied up with X-Men: First Class for the near future, but now with Fox fast tracking that film for a June 2011 release, he could conceivably be ready to direct another Kick-Ass film by next year. Either way, given the circumstances, Fox states that the film has now been “scheduled for production in 2011 for a 2012 cinema release” Insider sources now state that wheels are turning. Recently Marvel have been getting a bit upset about not being the first publisher to debut Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall Graphic Novel ahead of its appearance in CliNT Magazine, the lack of appearance or promotion in Marvel Previews magazine for August, but its subsequent presence on the Previews order form, does suggest a rather hurried last-minute decision.

Press Release: "Mark Millar is also launching his sequel to the hit Kick-Ass movie in the first issue of the comic. Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall has been scheduled for production in 2011 for a 2012 cinema release, but fans of the first movie can find out what happens two years in advance by picking up CLiNT"

Millar has no doubts what he’s doing, “[The comic book series] is definitely a trilogy,” he says. “I couldn’t imagine doing more than three, but I’ve certainly got three worked out. …We’re starting on the [comic] sequel at the end of April. …I’ve [also] got [another] sequel potentially set 10 years in the future, that I’ll maybe do 10 years down the line.” Here come the Major plot spoilers -“The idea of Kick-Ass was ‘what would happen if people in the real world tried to be superheroes?’,” says Millar. “Kick-Ass 2 is ‘what if people tried to be bad guys?’, as a reaction to the superheroes. The same way these guys were contacting each other on Facebook and trying out superhero costumes, what if bad kids starting doing this? So you’ve got this horrible Clockwork Orange scenario where these kids are happy-slapping, out there with their mobile phones dressed as villains doing horrible things to people, recording it and putting it online and that becoming massively viral all over the world. And these superheroes, who are maybe 15 year old schoolkids, having to do something about it, with the police wanting to close them all down.

Will Hit-Girl be even more blood thirsty and foul mouthed?

I think it’ll be quite good to go the other way… Imagine History Of Violence with an 11 year old girl, the idea of someone who’s been through a lot of stuff and she’s an amazing fighter but she has to repress it all and lead a normal life and pretend she’s just another kid. So I like the idea of her going to birthday parties and clowns coming in and she’s sitting playing with her Bratz with her friends but she’s kinda into other stuff this isn’t really her. And then at some point in the future when she cuts loose again it’s going to be amazing – But that might not even be in the second one.

What about Red Mist

Christopher Mintz-Plasse [aka McLovin] says “Millar is going to make the character really dark. …Hopefully I get to bulk up, force myself to go to the gym.Millar expands, “Red Mist becomes the Joker to [Kick-Ass]. But we’re talking about another villain as well, so he’ll almost be a sidekick to this other guy. My working [name is] somewhere between the motherf**ker and the c*nts. That’s the two names I’m thinking of. I mean, it’s better than the Joker, isn’t it?”Meanwhile Clark Duke, who plays Kick-Ass’ friend Marty, adds “I’ve already gotten multiple promises from all of them – Matthew and Mark and John, all the apostles — that I get a costume.”

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