“Green Lantern” may be only a year away from release, but Warner Bros are already entering development on a sequel.
The studios have hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of which have previously contributed to the first “Lantern” screenplay, to write a treatment for the second installment of the franchise.

The trio has also been hired to write the treatment for the silver-screen incarnation of “The Flash.” Under the deal, they would then go on to write the screenplay for one of the two projects, though which one has not been determined. Development on a second installment this early from a movie’s release date is rare, signaling the studio’s confidence in what it sees so far. It also appears to be the first moves the studio is making under its newly configured relationship with DC. In September, DC was reorganized to bring it closer to Warners, with Diane Nelson named president of newly created DC Entertainment. In February, artist Jim Lee and executive editor Dan DiDio were named publishers of DC Comics. Star writer Geoff Johns was appointed chief creative officer of DCE, with the aim of bridging the comics and filmed entertainment sides. With both Batman & a revamped Superman in the wings the next D.C. character that logically will be brought to the fore is Flash.

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UPDATE: Captured from the Warner Bros lot. JUNE 17 2010.

Warner Bros consumer products have revealed the first official logo & promotional poster art for the Green Lantern 2011 live-action movie. 


Production/concept art.

For leaked GREEN LANTERN [Script synopsis] click here.

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