New BATMOBILE photos. The recession has hit the industry pretty hard. Hit the jump for the details.

Via [io9]. The recession hit Michigan particularly hard, effecting even superhero-wannabees. With just $100 and a dream one Ann Arbor resident turned a wrecked Pontiac Grand Am into the world's worst Batmobile. Gabe, the hero of this story, purchased this wrecked 1994 Pontiac Grand Am last summer from Dave's Towing in Ann Arbor for $100

The car garners its fair share of attention, including the admiration of the local police. When Gabe was pulled over last year he says the officers told him "We've never pulled over the Batmobile before" and then took pictures with the car.
"It's a bit of a legend around here," says Gabe. It even features high tech projection gadgets the likes of which even Wayne Industries couldn't develop. When thieves tried to steal the car last year the steering wheel broke off in order to prevent them from making away with such a potent crime-fighting vehicle. In the process of trying to hotwire the car they also fixed the brake lights.

Apologies, but take a look at H.R Giger's Batmobile [concept] for Batman Forever & Christopher Nolan's Golf Cart.

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