With the impending BlueRay Alien anthology box set & Alien Prequels in the works. Some of Vincent Wards' amazing Alien 3 concept designs have surfaced in graphic novel form. I always felt that Alien 3 was the closest film to the original, albeit in its full uncut form. 

The theatrical release was a horrendous amputation of a unique & startlingly arresting work. Fox practically neutered David Fincher's vision so much for the sake of running time /slash/ daily screenings that Fincher considered having his name removed from the credits. Alien 3 the "Assembly cut" is available on the Alien Quadrilogy box set & is truly a fantastic Alien film. This extended uncut & epic version is a different animal from the version released. Fincher like Ridley Scott is a perfectionist of details. The original story concept by Vincent Ward & co-writer John Fasano which the movie was greenlit, had Ripley's [Sigourney Weaver] escape pod crash landing on a monastery-like satellite, a one-mile wide wooden planet inhabited by monotheistic monks participating in an apocalyptic religion that forbade sexual relations, believing they were living in a post-apocalyptic dark age. There is an extensive section dedicated to Ward’s vision in the Alien Quadrilogy box set. Primarily the main plot of Alien 3 borrowed from this story but little of this world remained in the film. Despite Wards credit. Now "Alien III Unrequited Vision" – a serialized graphic novel displays these concepts in their deserved magnificence.

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